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Introducing the GasGrab – Cylinder Lifting made Easy!

If you work in engineering or a welding shop then chances are you have had to move a gas cylinder/bottle – Not an easy task! Gas bottle lifting can put unnecessary stress on the back and cause problems later in life. Why not avoid that now and buy a GasGrab.

Gas bottle lifting? Don't struggle, buy a GasGrab
Don’t struggle, buy a GasGrab

Many of us have struggled to move one of these gas bottles / cylinders across the workshop, now there is no excuse to make your life easier. Get your manager to look at this product. Not only will it make workers happier but it will reduce injury in the work place and hence less hassle in the future! The GasGrab has a proven following with more and more being sold world wide making ita trusted product.

We have the full range of GasGrabs on our store, just click here to see the range.

Using a GasGrab is easier and more comfortable than struggling while lifting gas bottles on your own.

Made by a company called Arrow Castings Ltd in England you can be sure the quality of this product is as it should be.

GasGrab - Ease your Gas Bottle Lifting Problem Now!
GasGrab – Ease your Gas Bottle Lifting Problem Now!

The GasGrab is sold all over the world making it a leading product in the welding and fabrication industry. The product is new but it is up and coming with ever growing confidence in its ability to perform.

Get your GasGrab now with an introductory offer of 10% off until mid February. Simply enter GGFEB18 at checkout to receive 10% off your order, as many times as you like until the offer expires.

The GasGrab can be shipped worldwide within days. Here are the rates. If you need to ask any questions about the product please contact us.

Geta Grip, Get a GASGRAB!

You won’t be disappointed when your staff thank you for making their lives so much more easier!

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